Balearic In Vitro Fertilization Centre, CEFIVBA, Assisted Reproduction Unit of USP Hospital Palmaplanas in Balearic Islands Palma de Mallorca (Spain) has recently acquired a new system for embryo incubation at low oxygen tension, which already use the couples who come to the unity of Palma to perform a cycle of "in vitro" fertilization.

With this new incubator, the incubation of embryos is closer to its natural state in the tubes where there is a low oxygen tension. Until now, the incubation was performed at 37° C and a CO2 concentration to provide the optimum pH for development, in an attempt to mimic the natural conditions in which an embryo would develop in the tubes. With this new incubator, designed for assisted reproduction, the oxygen is displaced in order to reach the desired conditions.

This represents a significant advance in terms of culture conditions of embryos which is reflected in increased pregnancy rates.

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